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It is done... #6 is ready for you


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I bought the first two physical books in 2017 and #5 and #6 are much awaited. Parang d pa ako ready at first to end the saga of Zsa Zsa having been a fan since I bought the merged book "Ang Kagila-gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsazsa Zaturnnah" in 2004. May disclaimer si Sir Carlo; that this series would not have the same humor of the Kagilas-gilas merged book. I beg to differ; it has the same brand of humor and more. I loooove the one liners "Pakinggan mo muna yung monologue" and "Natapakan mo yung hipon" (hayop ka po, Sir Carlo! Paiyak na ako eh ahhahah). Mamamatay ako sa kakatawa tulad ng Kagilas-gilas. This 3 part series still has the same girth of banter... d na ako magsasabi pa ng anez anez na big words. Basta, as a fan of this series, sad ako tapos na ang kwento ni Ada pero like the first merged book, i would read it over and over again.

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CJ Babe

This is awesome! Thank you <3

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